Wednesday, August 10, 2005

knitting all-nighters? they're not as fun as i thought they would be. i tried to pull one this weekend, but i think it only spend up how fast i was getting sick. i tried to get up on monday to go to work, knowing that if i didn't go, my boss would be the only one working in our department, but i almost collapsed going down the stairs. totally lame.

also lame? the fact that i have had the finished pieces for my "go everywhere go with everything" cardigan from stitch 'n bitch sitting in a pile in my room for over a month, and i haven't stitched it together yet.

Image hosted by

ugh. i really need to get working on that, but considering the fact that i basically knit two sweaters this weekend, i think i should give myself a break before i get carpal tunnel syndrome.

i'll post more pictures of the store sweaters later.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

i'm not sure where i want to go with this. i have a livejournal, but for some reason i'm starting to feel closed off there. too much drama, not enough depth.

perhaps i'm just looking for a new start.

for now, this will probably be a record of my crafty exploits. enjoy!