Thursday, September 15, 2005

i got my spoiler and spoilee for secret pal six! i just emailed the person i'm spoiling and i got a very sweet email from the person who's spoiling me! i'm really, really excited and can't wait to get started!

i'm just making a quick progress update while todd is at work. i've barely seen him for half an hour altogether today and it feels sort of odd. i was half awake when he left at 8:30 this morning to work in the lab, and he was home for a little while before he left for work at the sub -- until 1:00am! poor guy, we have to be at school tomorrow for 8:30.

here goes...

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my ballet tee shirt from teva durham's book loop-d-loop -- it's about halfway finished here.

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and here's the finished product. i've gained some weight, most noticeably in my arms, and i'm not pleased. no more lazy ice cream nights! i love how the tee looks, though!

next up: actually finishing wendy's toe-up sock pattern, getting started on teva durham's lace leaf pullover, and making another ballet tee shirt for my mom's birthday.

good night!


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