Monday, November 28, 2005


I got back from visiting my family yesterday afternoon, following quite possibly the most sedate Thanksgiving vacation we've ever had. And thank God for that; I didn't want to deal with family drama again this year. My immediate family is fantastic, but the rest are all certifiably insane. Tee came home with me but ended up leaving Friday morning when we drove to the Cape to visit my grandmother. I missed him exceedingly until I saw him Sunday night. We wrapped down the vacation by indulging in the first two episodes of the new season of LOST. We're both fascinated by the show, but I lean more towards the obsessive side of fascination.

Speaking of obsessions, I went to see the new Pride and Prejudice on Saturday with my mom and sister. "Went" is a very loose term, since I had to be dragged there. What did they expect? I never watch any movie that stars Keira Knightley if I can help it. She's one of the leaders in a new wave of mediocrity and to see her ruin the character that I love best in the world was heartbreaking. Elizabeth Bennett is supposed to be witty, feisty, charming, and more than a touch self-satisfied. She does not snarl, she is not openly hostile. Mr. Darcy is an arrogant, introspective gentleman, not a lovesick, sullen rich boy. The costumes were from the 1770s, certain musical instruments/musical techniques hadn't been invented when the movie took place, and Keira Knightley was horrible! As I said to my sister, the movie didn't disappoint me -- it was exactly as bad as I thought it would be.

That concludes my rant...I just had to get it out of my system. I didn't get much knitting accomplished over the vacation, thanks to a rather vindictive cat (goodbye, Nordic Mitten), but I'm planning on finishing up the sleeves for my mother's Lace Leaf Pullover tonight and then seaming them tomorrow. As for right now, adventures with the Bursar's Office!

Monday, November 21, 2005

fashion choices.

i'm always shocked at what people are willing to wear. the entire female population of the southwest living area here at umass seem to have one collective wardrobe that they all utilize. they've got an unofficial uniform: badly-done/badly-grown-out blonde highlights, white eyeliner, too much self-tanner, popped collars, ugg boots, and gaucho pants tucked into aforementioned boots. it makes my brain shrink.

on a lighter note, here are my latest progress pictures.

i'm working on a simple feather-and-fan lace scarf out of "little lovely" from the scarf is a sweetly mindless little project for when i'm at work and it's too busy to work on anything that requires an iota of concentration.

i finished my about-the-house socks, using the lovely yarn that my secret pal sent me. they are wonderful! we live in a basement apartment, so when it gets cold, it stays cold and i really, really needed a warm pair of socks.

the heel gusset decreases were a bit wonky on one of the socks, as you can see in the above picture. they stretch open a bit when i'm wearing them but the problem didn't repeat itself. i’ve since used some of the leftover yarn to close up the holes. i used ann budd's the knitter's handy book of patterns for the pattern. such a great resource!

remember the nordic mittens from interweave knits i was talking about last post?
they're currently eating my brain.

i made one mistake. just one. i only realized that i had made the mistake when i was 47 rows into the chart. i started to cry. then, after trying to mash the mitten in an apoplectic fit of despair, i decided to try duplicate stitch to cover up the color mistake. it worked.

while recovering from the craft-induced beserker rage (i don't think todd will ever trust me with sharp objects/living creatures again), i discovered that knitting podcasts exist. i feel better about everything.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

as ambitious as i wanted to be this christmas, i don't think i'm going to be able to meet my goal of having a sweater made for mom, dad, my sister, my brother, and my boyfriend. i have class for 13 hours a week, work for 20 hours a week, and i babysit quite a bit as well. i have mom's sweater almost finished, with just finishing the sleeves and grafting the pieces together left. since we have a three-day weekend starting tomorrow, i'm hoping i can get that done.

i've decided to make socks and hats for everyone instead. i can still be just as creative with smaller projects, they're easier to carry with me to class/work, i can dye the yarn my SP sent me from knitpicks for some of the hats...i think i've convinced myself.

i'm currently obsessed with this book:

Image hosted by

my mom got it at WEBS a while back, and i borrowed it the last time i was at home. it's a treasure. i'm ordering my own copy off amazon when i get home from work -- this is an example of a time when i'm glad i'm getting more hours at work. i can splurge on knitting goodies!

i'm not sure how i feel about the anticraft; some of the patterns are cute (like this one, although i'd probably forego the duplicate stitch and make it as an intarsia project), but altogether it feels like a crafty version of hot topic. it's a novel idea, but nothing out of the common way.

after i finish mom's sweater and my current pair of socks, i'll be working on these mittens:

Image hosted by

from the winter 2004 issue of interweave knits. i'm making two pairs: one for myself, and one for a lucky young lady who'll definitely need them in the months to come (i know she reads this, so i have to be sneaky!). i'm not completely enamored of the color scheme as it appears in the picture, but i think the pattern would look incredibly crisp in black and white.

i can't believe i have a month and a half to get all this done! my hands will probably fall off, so tee is going to have to help me open my gifts.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i know i have the most wonderful boyfriend ever.

he proved it yet again today, however, and he deserves to be celebrated.

work was rather rough this morning, for myriad reasons. i wanted to go home and relax with him for a while, so i called and asked him if he could drive me. i offered to buy him lunch in return, so he skipped lunch with his friends and we went to antonio's. of course, beforehand, he kindly allowed me to get in some retail therapy at the creative needle in amherst. i walked out with:

+ a skein of sock yarn that will be knitted up for my secret pal
+ straight needles in sz 1 and 2
+ the yarn harlot's book, at knit's end: meditations for women who knit too much

and he has since put up with me rationalizing my purchases and reading sections of the book to him. he laughed at the "you know you knit too much when..." bits most because he lives with that reality.

so here's to tee.

Monday, November 07, 2005

anarchy and apron strings

the article is from may, but it's still worth reading!

Friday, November 04, 2005

happy halloween, everyone! i had a most excellent time.

i received a wonderful package from my amazing (and seemingly, telepathic) secret pal!

along with yarns to dye for (another wonderful addition to my library!), i received:

i was planning on buying this exact yarn from knitpicks on the exact day that i got the package. my secret pal is amazing, and has possibly evolved into the next stage of human development. they are a super-human, and probably levitated the package to me with the power of their mind. it's a great way to get around the post office, isn't it?

i'll hopefully have a few FOs to post at the end of the weekend...i'm going home to visit the family, so there'll be lots of prime knitting time as i watch horrible scifi b-movies with my dad.