Monday, November 21, 2005

fashion choices.

i'm always shocked at what people are willing to wear. the entire female population of the southwest living area here at umass seem to have one collective wardrobe that they all utilize. they've got an unofficial uniform: badly-done/badly-grown-out blonde highlights, white eyeliner, too much self-tanner, popped collars, ugg boots, and gaucho pants tucked into aforementioned boots. it makes my brain shrink.

on a lighter note, here are my latest progress pictures.

i'm working on a simple feather-and-fan lace scarf out of "little lovely" from the scarf is a sweetly mindless little project for when i'm at work and it's too busy to work on anything that requires an iota of concentration.

i finished my about-the-house socks, using the lovely yarn that my secret pal sent me. they are wonderful! we live in a basement apartment, so when it gets cold, it stays cold and i really, really needed a warm pair of socks.

the heel gusset decreases were a bit wonky on one of the socks, as you can see in the above picture. they stretch open a bit when i'm wearing them but the problem didn't repeat itself. i’ve since used some of the leftover yarn to close up the holes. i used ann budd's the knitter's handy book of patterns for the pattern. such a great resource!

remember the nordic mittens from interweave knits i was talking about last post?
they're currently eating my brain.

i made one mistake. just one. i only realized that i had made the mistake when i was 47 rows into the chart. i started to cry. then, after trying to mash the mitten in an apoplectic fit of despair, i decided to try duplicate stitch to cover up the color mistake. it worked.

while recovering from the craft-induced beserker rage (i don't think todd will ever trust me with sharp objects/living creatures again), i discovered that knitting podcasts exist. i feel better about everything.


Blogger Karin said...

Whoooaaa those mittens are AWESOME. I have got to make some cool knitted outerwear for once and get out of sweaterland. And Yse please do friend me and I'll add you on my site too!!

10:41 AM  

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