Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i know i have the most wonderful boyfriend ever.

he proved it yet again today, however, and he deserves to be celebrated.

work was rather rough this morning, for myriad reasons. i wanted to go home and relax with him for a while, so i called and asked him if he could drive me. i offered to buy him lunch in return, so he skipped lunch with his friends and we went to antonio's. of course, beforehand, he kindly allowed me to get in some retail therapy at the creative needle in amherst. i walked out with:

+ a skein of sock yarn that will be knitted up for my secret pal
+ straight needles in sz 1 and 2
+ the yarn harlot's book, at knit's end: meditations for women who knit too much

and he has since put up with me rationalizing my purchases and reading sections of the book to him. he laughed at the "you know you knit too much when..." bits most because he lives with that reality.

so here's to tee.


Anonymous Your Secret Pal 7 said...

Wow, my husband does the same thing, but says later, don't you have enough yarn already?
I am never enough, it is an addiction!!

11:22 AM  

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