Monday, February 13, 2006

Knitting Olympics Progress

I have a new favorite crack dealer yarn store! This Saturday, Tee and I went out to Boston and stopped at A Good Yarn, over in Brookline. We got there about 20 minutes before they closed, but everyone there was more than happy to help out. I bought yarn for the Estonian Socks from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks, and Tee was a huge hit as the most enthusiastic yarn boyfriend ever.

We also stopped at Windsor Button (another great store) over near the Common, and I was surprised at how pervasive the Knitting Olympics have become. Everyone at Windsor Button was talking about it -- I startled a bunch of older ladies when I overheard them talking about the Knitting Olympics and yelled "Whoa! What team are you guys on?!" Propriety in yarn stores is not my strong point.

As for a progress update, I decided not to go with the Union Square Market Pullover at the last minute. The original plan was to order Knitpick's Paint Your Own merino wool and dye the yarn to my specifications, but work took over and I didn't order the yarn in time. So, I switched to the Norwegian Stocking from Nancy Bush's amazing book, Folk Socks. I'm an unabashed sock and colorwork lover, so I chose to follow Captain Planet's lead and combine their powers.

This pattern is a dream. Folk Socks is set up so that you can read through all the separate heel and toe techniques before you ever reach the patterns, allowing the knitter to experiment on their own with the different styles and see how they serve distinct purposes. Even if you just skip ahead to the patterns, knitting each of the eighteen different socks takes you through every technique previously written about. It's a great book.

The Norwegian Stockings are, unsurprisingly, super-popular patterns. Two of my favorite bloggers have made their own versions recently and their projects inspired me to make my own. Eunny's stockings and Fig and Plum's stockings are both absolutely lovely.

That said (and a lot was said!), here are my Norwegian Stockings, part the first.

Folk Stockings, Feb. 12th.

Folk Stockings, Feb. 12th.

After several mishaps, including a curious four-year-old, frustration with Magic Loop, and gauge issues so monstrous that I can't bear to talk about them (of course, they happen one of the few times that I care to swatch with any passion), I made it through graph A while watching The Chronicles of Riddick last night. I know, I know, I'm too awesome.

At the pace I'm moving at, I'm not sure that the stockings will take me more than a week to finish. Therefore, if I finish early, I'll also be making the Estonian Socks from Folk Socks as well. A girl's got to keep busy, right?


Blogger Karin said...

I really like the fair isle patterns on that. I might have to steal it for the fair isle sweater I'm desigining.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Cathy said...

I really adore those socks. But they intimidate the crap out of me. Good luck with them. I noticed that the Knitting Olympics is really popular too. I guess next time I'll have to join in. :)

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anne said...

Those socks are awsome! You're off to a great start.

And Chronicles of Riddick has become one of my favorite knitting movies, cause I guess I'm just that awesome too, LOL.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Your Secret Pal 7 said...

Hi, Bee!
Your obsession with socks is amazing =) Believe it or not, i didn't make a single one in my life, i just don't like making them =) I love big projects better =)
I wonder what did u get at yarnbow, what yarn? Isn't her yarn amazing and to die for.. i wish i could get all of it!
Knit up!

4:15 PM  

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